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Romeo and Juliet 1998

Directed by Lesley Currier

Romeo & Juliet

Producer’s Perspective:

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most magical Shakespeare plays – but it relies heavily on a huge dollop on on-stage chemistry between the actors playing the star-crossed lovers. Shakespeare gives these two teenagers some of the most beautiful poetry imaginable, as well as hugely rich character arcs, passionately intense predicaments, and scenes full of complex and conflicting emotions. Any director faces a dilemma: do you cast somewhat age-appropriate younger actors, or choose more experienced actors perhaps better equipped to handle the language’s technical demands?

As both the Producer and Director of this production, I can admit we didn’t get it quite right. While the production featured some stunning acting work, wonderful sword play, and sumptuous period costumes, it didn’t quite jell. Of all our productions, it was one of the least successful artistically.


Cast of Characters

Lord Capulet
Lady Capulet
Old Capulet
Capulet Boys
David Berkson*
Amanda Diaz
Gary S. Martinez*
Leslie de Palo
Phoebe Moyer
Bob Borwick
Rudy Guerrero*
Jack Halton
Jackson Currier
Nate Currier
Capulet Servants

Montague Servants
Doug Nolan
Gabriel Weiss
Jonathan Lee
Joshua Bernardini
Prince Escalus
Count Paris
Friar Lawrence
Friar John
Chief Watchman
Darren Bridgett*
Darren Bridgett*
Feodor Chin
Michael A. Berg
Michael Eliopoulos
Jack Halton
Darren Bridgett*
Rudy Guerrero*
Citizens of Verona, Officers
 & Servants

Marin Shakespeare Company 
Interns & Apprentices

Production Staff

Artistic Director - Robert Currier
Set & Lighting Design - Bruce Lackovic
Costume Design - Michael A. Berg
Props Design - Mary Jo Gross
Fight Director - The Academy of the Sword - Richard Lane
Sound Design - Billie Cox
Production Stage Manager - Janette Hubert*

*Member of Actor's Equity Association,


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