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Twelfth Night
Directed by Robert S. Currier
Twelfth NIght

Producer’s Perspective

Twelfth Night is a great Shakespearean comedy. Almost all of the characters are fully realized and complex; it is full of laughs, but tinged with darkness; and it is an audience favorite. So it has been done frequently and in many different ways.

I remember when Bob got the idea for his production. We were down in Baja in a little town called El Cardonal on the Sea of Cortez in the middle of nowhere. (This was when we used to escape to Baja, before we were conscripted by the locals in Los Barriles to spend our ‘vacation’ each year producing a Shakespeare play with them as the actors.) We were pacing around the sandy, cacti-covered yard outside our Cardonal house, trying to get at what it was about Twelfth Night that spoke to us. And somehow, Bob came up with the idea that the world of Twelfth Night was much like the post-World War I era.

Many of the characters have gone through sadness and experienced death. Yet Toby and crew, like the Flappers of that era, are holding onto life, and seizing all the pleasure they can wring out of it. And then Bob found the image of Feste with a World War I gas mask. And that was eventually how we saw him when he made his first entrance. It was an eerie image, that odd fool’s mask with its overtones of senseless death.


Cast of Characters

Captain of the shipwrecked ship
Sir Toby Belch
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Sebastian, Viola's twin brother
Antionio, another sea captain
A Priest
Orsino's attendants, Officers, Ladies

Rebecca Stow
John Kress
Barry Alan Levine
Matt Henerson*
Marie Shell*
Tom Jermain
Lucas McClure*
Allyson Kulavis
Kenneth Rowland
Ron Talbot
Ron Johnson
Peter Schumuckal
John Kress
MSC Interns and Apprentices

Production Staff:

Managing Director - Lesley Currier
Set Design - Bruce Lackovic
Lighting Design - Kimberly J. Scott
Costume Design - Pamela Johnson
Music Composed by - Billie Cox
Props Design - Amy Hatch
Production Stage Manager - Sara Jaramillo*

*Member of Actor's Equity Association



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