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What the Critics Said:

"Darren Bridgett is a striking Melancholy Dane... He fills the role with the energetic impetuousness, quick-silver certainties and frayed emotions of youth not only in emotional extremis but also buffeted by circumstances forever spinning out of his control. His isn't a Hamlet for the ages. Not all of his choices work... But even the rawness that shows through his skill at times lends an edge to his overall portrayal. This is also a 'Hamlet' that demonstrates some considerable improvements at the Marin festival since it was last reviewed in these pages, three years ago. Robert and Lesley Currier's 12-year-old company has increased the number of professional actors per show in the interim from two to a much healthier six, alleviating the festival's long-nagging problem of one or two strong performances in a sea of apprentice work. The Curriers have also extended the stage apron over the Forest Meadows Amphitheatre's bothersome reflecting pool... Robert Currier's direction takes advantage of the resulting increased flexibility for some starkly intimate moments, especially during the soliloquies that Bridgett delivers with thoughtful clarity... Alexandra Matthew's Ophelia is a stunning creation, so alive with youthful hope, fear, intelligence and newly awakened sexuality that her scenes with Bridgett burn with raw emotion, and her madness is deeply affecting."
-Robert Hurwitt, S.F. Chronicle



"There are several strong performances, including Anthony Shaw Abate as Laertes, Thomas Lynch as the First Gravedigger, and especially Alexandra Matthew as the emotionally fragile Ophelia, whose mad scene is a joy to watch."
- Charless Brousse, Marin I.J.






"Marin Shakespeare Company's final offering of their 2001 season, 'Hamlet', is full of the ambition Hamlet boasts of. Smoke wafts across castle walls, Ophelia plunges through a pond, Hamlet swings about the stage, furious, infuriating, and possibly demented. There is much gnashing of teeth, and beating of breasts, and juicy monologues from the tortured Hamlet.... The tragedy remains compelling, and it is clear that everyone in MSC's show worked hard."
- Olga Azar, Marin Scope







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