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Two Gentlemen of Verona

“In the ‘Two Gentlemen,’ Dunn has added a Fellin-esque
flair….Characters speak with Italian accents, and it works, with a
‘Godfather’ element of threat. Grotesque clowns cavort in between
scenes, and a Vespa roars across the stage.
Olga Azar, Marin Scope


“Bruce Lackovic’s colorful cardboard set is perfect for this comedy that feels like a preview of Shakespeare’s later works….Maguire and
Crab are a show-stopping duo as Maguire’s sad expressive face vies with Crab’s sad, expressive eyes. Thurio (David Alan Moss), Valentine’s other rival for Silvia’s love, is properly pompous and foolish….Patricia Polen’s costumes are sexy and colorful….All foolishness and fun, Two Gentlemen of Verona provides another wonderful excuse to get out and get under the stars.”
Lee Brady, Pacific Sun



“Dunn, the plays’ director, defines Two Gentlemen of Verona as ‘an early work with moments of genius,’ and then uses his own genius to give it shape and theatricality.”
Rosine Reynolds, The Ark


Marin Shakespeare Company

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