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Knight of the Burning Pestle

What the Critics Said:

“Silliness prevails….a rare opportunity to sample some of the diversity of stage offerings in Shakespeare’s day….Currier attempts to amplify the comedy by making it more contemporary and much more zany. He’s streamlined the text, excising the more esoteric material, and replaces the arcane local references with Marin equivalents and the many songs with snippets of rock, country, pop, show and even calypso tunes – generally to good effect….George Maguire… deliver[s] his punch lines with deadly accuracy as the company manager playing the merchant Venturewell. So does the invaluable Jarion Monroe as the bibulous, happy-go-lucky Merrythought….Julian Lopez-Morillas is a model aged hippie George, in tie-dye and gray ponytail. Linda Paplow is very funy as a Nell alternately outraged, smitten and overwhelmed by her first experience of live theater. Darren Bridgett has a field day as a naïve, congenial Ralph, comically dazzled by his stage debut….There’s some very funny stuff in this ‘Pestle,’ including many of the songs and some of the topical humor. There are some obvious bawdy pestle jokes, as well.”
Rob Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle



“It began with Marin Shakespeare Artistic Director Bob Currier brandishing a tumescent organic zucchini while exhorting the crowd on opening night to buy raffle tickets, and continued through the pratfalls of garishly costumed circus folk putting on a Jacobean play-within-a-play-within-a…the explosions of mirth, I mean; giggles, laughter, screeches and howls of unending mirth in answer to the unalloyed schtick and silliness of The Knight of the Burning Pestle.”
Ken Bullock, The Commuter Times




“Mister Currier is to be recognized for letting his genius, and the genius of his cast and crew, out of the bottle: indeed, he has thrown away the cork. To see what comedy entertainment would be like if Westinghouse had never invented the television and if directors were not nebbish auteurs, get thee to ‘The Knight of the Burning Pestle.’
Jeffrey R. Smith, Bay Area Critics Circle

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