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The Importance of Being Earnest

What the Critics Said

Darren Bridgett as Algernon Moncrieff

“Marin Shakes delivers Oscar-worthy performances.…
From the moment Marin Shakespeare's production of The Importance of Being Earnest started and aristocratic Algernon Moncrieff (played with devious charm by Darren Bridgett) stepped off the stage to sip audience members' wine… it was clear this was going to be a Wilde night.…









George Macuire as Lady Bracknell

it would be hard to surpass the magnificent matronly presence of Lady Bracknell (there couldn't possibly be a better woman for this role than Mr. George Maguire) who, with a simple but loaded utterance of the word ‘handbag,’ so eloquently relays the zeitgeist of late-Victorian era aristocracy in England….

The production design was impressive--a mammoth structure designed by Mark Robinson depicting a magnificent two-story mansion that converts magically…into a lavish countryside estate….Marin Shakespeare Company's opening production for the season is a fantastic romp, one in which you--as well as the actors, it seems--are sure to have a salaciously good time.”

­– Samantha Campos, Pacific Sun






William Elsman as Jack and Cat Thompson as Gwendolen

“Lucas McClure is solid as Algy's snooty butler….Wilde's wit positively sparkles in director Robert Currier's lively production….The comedic chemistry between the two male leads is the pounding heart of this production, with William Elsman a refined yet excitable Jack (with a strong voice that's helpful outdoors) and Darren Bridgett a nicely cynical and dissolute Algy….Cat Thompson is a bright and alluring Gwendolen, rattling off intricate witticisms with remarkable nimbleness and aplomb….Alexandra Matthew makes a delightfully flighty, petulant ingenue as Cecily. The scene in which the two move from instant gushing friendship to catty rivalry and back again with immaculate cordiality is priceless. Patricia Polen's bright period dresses are alternately fabulous and gaudy in all the right places. Veteran clown Joan Mankin brings sharp comic timing and a touch of slapstick to Cecily's prim tutor, Miss Prism. The awkward romantic tension between Prism and Jack Powell's mild-mannered Reverend Chasuble affords some hilarious moments, particularly in her gasping reactions to his inadvertent double entendres….What lingers is the warm afterglow of a sharp and canny staging of Wilde's arch comic classic by a director and cast that really have a handle on his humor, and make amply sure the audience gets it, too”

– Sam Hurwitt, Marin IJ


Cat Thompson as Gwendolen, William Elsman as Jack and George Maguire as Lady Bracknell


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