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Twelfth Night

It’s so important for the role of Viola to strike just the right chord, incorporating comedy that deserves a laugh as well as wit, intellect, and charisma that leads both man and woman to fall in love with this woman dressed as a man. Alexandra Matthew strikes that chord…primarily with her ability to embrace and release Shakespeare’s language, to not overplay her role as a woman acting like a man, and finally with the look on her face as she prepares for her masculine role by stuffing a sock down her pants.




Cynthia Pepper does a great job choreographing a ridiculously silly golf club duel between Matthew (as Cesario) and Camilla Ford (Sir Andrew Aguecheek), with clubs whirling in the air and loony music to keep up the pace….Jack Powell as Malvolio also strikes a perfect chord in this production….


Powell plays Malvolio with all the melancholy and madness this character deserves….Comedy is in abundance throughout this production, from potty humor to wit akin to Shakespeare. Ford is hysterical as a revenge of the geeks Aguecheek, and does the best darn funky chicken seen on a Shakespearean stage. Interactions between Antonio (Steve Budd) and Sebastian are timed well enough to be a Saturday Night Live skit back when Saturday Night Live was good, and while Budd puts himself into casual flex-poses in hopes that his love interest will take notice, Lesley Currier’s direction picks up on every possible homoerotic pun and gives the actors full freedom to run with it….Terry Rucker majorly nails two minor roles as the Sea Captain complete with back up singer-sailors, and as a cross-eyed Sri Yogi who embraces the movement of hippieism to Zen Buddhism in the 1960’s and 70’s with the Wheel of Dharma in his hands. Rucker’s stereotypical Sea Captain seems reminiscent to Horatio McCallister from the episode of ‘The Simpsons’ conveniently called ‘The Sea Captain.’ ‘Yarr!’….

Beatrice and Benedick. – Cat and Darren


This production is festive, it doesn’t forget that Shakespeare wrote the play, and it celebrates the twenty years of fun both Lesley and Robert Currier have been having at the Marin Shakespeare Company. How can you not love a little Dylan under the stars, especially to the fine artistic tuning of Shakespeare?”

– Denise Battista,



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