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Darren Bridgett as Tristan Tzara and Lucas McClure as James Joyce in Stoppard's Travesties

"Director Robert Currier has mounted this play as a truly physical, almost vaudevillian, comedy while sensitively paying attention to the intellectual content and artfully making
it accessible to a general audience.

The whimsical playings on the outdoor stage by some of the Bay Area’s best actors are magical and energetic....stage managers (called Dadaists) help with the rolling elements for scene changes. Their
costumes are whimsical, and their set choreography is technically flawless.



Julian Lopez-Morilla as Bennett, Carr's butler in Travesties

The most brilliant, and perhaps underused, performers are cast as prudish librarian Cecily (Alexandra Matthew), and Gwendolen, Carr’s cousin from Earnest (blazing redhead Cat Thompson).

But the star of the show, the one we cannot wait to come back on stage is the magnificent Julian Lopez-Morillas as Bennett, Carr’s manservant. He is obsequious, efficient and in total charge, even after he partakes of the rest of the wine.

Stoppard’s works are as complex as those of William Shakespeare and others who wrote before him. Director Currier, in the spirit of the Shakespearean tradition, seeks to explore new territory, especially in Stoppard’s opus Travesties. And he has provided a very clever production. If you need to pay attention to the playwright’s creative conceptualisms, the language is all there. And Currier’s staging makes it fun."

-- Albert Goodwyn, San Francisco Bay Times


"A Wild and Zany Production of Tom Stoppard's Travesties

Marin Shakespeare Theatre's production of Tom Stoppard's witty farce Travesties is a real off the wall, lively version of his classic farce. This marks the fifth time I have seen this captivating play, starting with the Royal Shakespeare production at the Aldwych Theatre in London during the summer of 1974. This adaptation is like Disney meets Tom Stoppard—and I mean that in a good way....




This production opens with a brilliant tour de force of comic acting by William Elsman as Harry Carr, a British Consulate employee reminiscing through fuzzy and uproariously funny memories of his 1917 meeting with Joyce (Lucas McClure), the Russian revolutionary Lenin (Stephen Klum) and Tristan Tzara (Darren Bridgett).



Elsman gives a spellbinding performance dressed in a bathrobe and sounding like a vaudevillian twit from the Monty Python series. He dominates the stage in a 12-minute soliloquy.

Travesties is full of slapstick comedy, like Darren Bridgett coming onto the stage looking like John Cleese doing his funny walk from the Python series, or rolling around the stage while talking about the new art of the masses. There is a side-splitting World War I battle scene between William Elsman and Darren Bridgett....

The second act also has William Elsman playing an amusing Algernon Moncrieff in an uproarious scene with Alexandra Matthew wonderfully playing Cecily, a librarian. She is a marvelous character whose interest in literature is "strictly alphabetical" ("I have read only up to the letter 'G' and I know Gilbert but not Sullivan," she tells Algernon). Also in the Ernest scenes is Gwendolyn, played stunningly by Cat Thompson."

-- Richard Connema, Talkin' Broadway



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