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The Complete History of America (abridged)

From the Playbill:

Capitalizing on the tremendous international success of their first collaborative effort, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), forged in the 1980’s at Marin’s Black Point Renaissance Faire, our dynamic trio of U.C. Berkeley grads and Ren Faire geeks have created a veritable cottage industry. Since reducing Shakespeare’s canon to two hours, they have gone on to boil down the Bible, Sports, Great Literature, and American History into similar simmering reductions in the same spirit of misguided, irreverent earnestness that has become their trademark, much to our delight.

If you’ve followed Marin Shakes over the past two decades, you’ll know we’ve presented The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) four times, so our hysterical historians may feel as familiar to you as if they were sitting next to you, sharing your glass of wine (which, well, they may actually be doing). If you’ve followed theatre around the world, you’ll know how hard it is to escape from these reduced ridiculators.

They ran in London’s West End for over a decade. Lesley and I saw Las Obras Completas de Guillermo Shakespeare in Barcelona. It is by far the most successful theatre piece ever to come out of Marin County.

The main lesson we’ve learned from history is that we never learn anything from history. Only the costumes change... and rapidly in this case. Civilizations rise and fall, great men and women strut and fret their hour upon the stage and then, in most cases, are heard no more. That is, unless some curious players with a trunk of wigs put them back on stage... and charge admission!

We hope you’ll enjoy our take on our mutual American story, always appreciating the fact that we live in a land where free speech, even if irreverent, is tolerated, even cherished, and hopefully laughed at – as long as you don’t shout “Fire!” in our theatre.

– Robert Currier


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