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What the Critics said:
Lady Macduff and Ross - Marin Shakespeare 2011 Macbeth

" 'Macbeth' is an auspicious start to Marin Shakespeare’ new season...excellent acting and inventive staging...director Lesley Currier fortifies with apparitions to surround much of the action....

Rather than confining the action to a specific time or place, there seems to be an emphasis on the ‘tone’ of the play with the action often occurring in a dream-like state morphing into nightmares compounding the horror of gruesome murders that abound. Not only is Macbeth a historical play, it is clinical study of descent into madness that director Currier fortifies with apparitions to surround much of the action….

Marin Shakespeare’s cast for this staging is definitely up to the challenge. The tall imposing Elsman plays Macbeth as a despicable powerful Machiavellian egomaniac. He controls the stage with dynamism revealing believable inner turmoil handling Shakespeare’s dialog with authority. Elsman…gives the words brilliant meaning….

Scott Coopwood as Macduff and Daniel Petzold as Malcolm are absolutely brilliant in their confrontation in the second act. Artistic director Robert Currier has the plum role of the Porter with his 'Knock, knock..' speech that he partially ad libs bringing laughter to the appreciative audience….

Now about the witches (the weird sisters) ably performed by Sylvia Burboeck, Madeline Harris and Lynn Soffer, you will never see a more “alive” bubbling caldron that is sheer genius on the part of director Lesley Currier. Special accolades go to fight director John Ficarra who has choreographed some of the best fight scenes you may see.”

– Kedar K. Adour, MD, For All Events /

Macduff and Malcolm


“For our money, Marin Shakespeare's William Elsman is the craziest Macbeth yet. Under Lesley Schisgall Currier's direction, Elsman infuses Macbeth with great power and presence….

Darren Bridgett's Banquo is loyal and solid, Alexandra Matthew's Lady Macbeth is evil incarnate and Scott Coopwood's Macduff makes us all think that he's… the guy we would follow into battle….

It's hard to beat listening to fine actors performing classic Shakespeare, while sitting outside in a small, wooded amphitheatre.”

– Douglas Konecky, San Francisco Theater Blog / America On Line

Passion and power“Leslie [sic] Schisgall Currier …successfully mounted this masterpiece of ambition, power, deception and treachery. Opening night's performance was under a full moon. There was also a little wind blowing across the Forest Meadows Amphitheater and no significant chill. All of the rage and storm to be had was on stage in this bloody tale of corruption, and ruthless search for power….

Three cackling hags who appear in the first scene set the tone for the night. Lynne Soffer, Sylvia Burboeck and Madeline Harris were superb as the three witches. These women, who also play other characters, were suitably costumed by Abra Berman to change at a moment's notice….

William Elsman gives a wonderful nuanced performance as Macbeth whether the triumphant young general or the mad King haunted by the blood on his hands. Alexandra Matthew, previously cast as the nice girl on stage, was a welcome surprise as Lady Macbeth. Macbeth and his wife are spiritually in tune; they love and understand each other without speaking everything out. The supporting cast is uniformly strong. Particularly strong is Scott Coopwood as Macduff, the man who eventually fells the play's title character in a final battle. Robert Currier does a clever bit as a sleepy Porter as comic relief to slack off the emotional tension between two strong scenes and drew much laughter from the audience. Darren Bridgett makes a brave and noble Banquo….
bloody captain and Duncan

The design work is superb; Mark Robinson's remarkably flexible set; Abra Berman's imaginative costumes, Billie Cox's Gothic music and amazing sound design and Ellen Brooks' spooky lighting….

Macbeth is a thriller from start to finish, fortified by Elsman's robust Macbeth, Scott Coopwood's dashing Macduff and a closing image that suggests how cycles of political violence churn on.”

--Flora Lynn Issacson, For All Events

Lady Macbeth and her husband“The intrusion of the spirit world is emphasized in the Marin Shakes version helmed by managing director Lesley Schisgall Currier….

Currier's staging of the witch scenes is striking: Three women of the Macbeth household staff (Lynne Soffer, Sylvia Burboeck and Madeline Harris) gasp and convulse as they become possessed by the Weird Sisters. When Macbeth first encounters them, the spirits also take hold of him so that he speaks their prophecies along with them in a croaking intake of breath.

The Macbeths are played by real-life spouses and frequent Marin Shakes costars William Elsman and Alexandra Matthew. Elsman is a hearty Macbeth who gives a good sense of his deteriorating sanity and does a terrific job with the soliloquies, and Matthew makes an enthusiastic and eloquent
Lady Macbeth….

Keith Stevenson is a rich-voiced King Duncan, and Daniel Petzold is zesty… as his heir Malcolm. Scott Coopwood is strong and no-nonsense as the avenging Macduff. Artistic director Robert Currier (the director's husband) shows up for one scene to do a charming rendition of the drunken porter's usually problematic comedic speech, with a few modern ad libs.

Lady Macbeth - unsex me - MSC 2011Abra Berman has dressed the soldiers like Robin Hood's Merry Men, in jagged patches of green and brown draped over each other. Sound designer Billie Cox adorns the action with thunderclaps and screeching birds and contributes an ominous choral song of "fair is foul and foul is fair" to open the show.

Mark Robinson's fanciful scenery sets the story outdoors, with bare tree branches crawling up the deep blue walls and large gray stones all around. The…ways Currier gets kids and teens involved in the production are…effective: Angelica Zuber, Lucas Rudy and Zane Morrissey are charming in the speaking parts of various characters' children, and others embody soothsaying spirits summoned by the witches.

Most of the major speeches are delivered deftly, There are a number of striking moments in the show's 2 1/2 a hours upon the stage.”

– Sam Hurwitt, Marin IJ


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