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The Comedy of Errors
Dromio and friends

In synch with Shakespeare’s overly exuberant script (where, for example, he added a second set of twins not present in the story that serves as the play’s source), the costumes and sets were overly colorful and fanciful, with glittery striped fabrics and outrageous turbans and a steeply raked two-story set representing streets lined with shops, houses and a church built in a forced perspective. Jim McKie and Kim Curtis worked brilliantly together, and as a bonus, Kim enlisted her brother David, a Clio award-winning graphic artist, who gave us our first full color poster design. 

Adriana from The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of ErrorsTwo actors returned for their third seasons: Ian Swift and Paul Sulzman.
The multi-talented Jim McKie gave a bravura performance as a maniacal Dr. Pinch.



Sixteen teenage apprentices were merchants, hucksters and other denizens of Ephesus’ marketplace.And some real magic was added to the works by Ken Sonkin – not only a wonderfully talented actor, but also a professional magician. 

Ken played both of the Dromios and his post-intermission magic act, when Dromio of Syracuse found a basket left by the town’s resident snake charmer which contained all sorts of mysterious devices, was a highlight of the show.
The Duke from Comedy of Errors - Marin Shakespeare Company 1992



Unfortunately, some of the critics didn’t realize that Ken Sonkin played both of the Dromios and Paul Sulzman both of the Antipholi.  We realized (too late) that the fake names inserted in the playbill were perhaps not the best idea, and that perhaps the production had succeeded too well in its overly playful exaggeration of mistaken identities.

From the Playbill:

“We are delighted to bring you Shakespeare’s only true farce, the wacky, wonderful, riotous celebration of buffoonery and confusion, The Comedy of Errors. This production marks the realization of one of our original goals: the creation of a summer apprentice program for emerging theatre artists….In addition to our apprentice program, Marin Shakespeare Company offers several other special events and outreach programs. This summer we will present four free pre-show conversations with scholars and company artists. In September we offer two special performances for high school students. New programs this year include a Young Audience Access Program and a signed performance for the hearing impaired. The revels of The Feast of Good Will, our outdoor Elizabethan banquet in celebration of Opening Night have never been better….So get set for a madcap romp with some of Shakespeare’s most outrageous and loveable characters as you enjoy "The Comedy of Errors.”


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