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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado

From the Playbill – Director’s Notes:

For our sixth season we have chosen a duet of delights which impressively demonstrate the extremes of Shakespeare’s range and talent. From a drizzly grey stone and concrete castle in England to a warm and sunny terra cotta villa in Sicily, the settings reflect the widely divergent stories. Is it possible that the same hand that penned the monstrous villainy of Richard of Gloucester could create the exquisitely frothy Much Ado? It’s as wondrous as if Bertoldt Brecht and Noel Coward were rolled into one.

Much Ado About Nothing - A note


And how lucky we are to have the likes of Ken Grantham and Kimberly King! Energy is delight and accomplished dexterity a pleasure to watch. Our Beatrice and Benedick have both, as does the wonderfully silly Danny Kovacs, who plays the superbly stupid Dogberry, the bumbling, vastly self-important constable of the watch who, in the end, roots out all evil and brings peace. So sit back, relax, and forget about Bosnia and global warming for this two hour respite on our stage. For it is precisely because the world we live in is stressful and dire that Shakespeare’s comedies are such a welcome and necessary counterbalance.”

What the Critics Said:
Unjustly accused
“Marin’s Much Ado is a classy production. Marin Shakespeare Festival’s production of Much Ado is not for purists. Indeed, it is well-stocked with the signature shtick of artistic director Robert Currier – neurotic tics, absurd posturing, running gags, cosmic interference, and anachronistic music. But for us ‘groundlings,’ all this ‘ado’ adds an entertaining dimension….The production is most accessible, and the laughs start early…While all of the acting is worthy of note, Much Ado belongs to Beatrice and Benedick….Four stars to Kimberly King and Ken Grantham for stellar performances.”
Roberta Floden, Marin Independent Journal








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