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Much Ado About Nothing

“Marin Shakespeare uses every tool in the box….They master period dances, they people their villa with distinct and fleshy characters, they enjoy one another tremendously, and they take great charge of the language, playing brightly with the bard’s barbed words….Intimate and boisterous all at the same time, the world of Robert Currier’s Much Ado is a charming one to inhabit this season.” Chrisanne Beckner, Commuter Times

Much Ado About Nothing is cleverly rendered by the Marin Shakespeare Festival. Especially diverting are Kimberly King’s cigar-smoking, sword-wielding Beatrice and Danny Kovacs’ malaprop-prone Dogberry.” Pacific Sun

Much Ado About Nothing is a most enjoyable play, competently acted and directed and well worth seeing.”
Bess Davoren, Tiburon Ark

Much Ado About Nothing 0 1995 Marin Shakespeare Company
“In the Marin Shakespeare Festival production, the quarreling lovers – confirmed bachelor Benedick and quick-witted spinster Beatrice – are played by real-life husband-and-wife team Ken Grantham and Kimberly King….Grantham and King are consummate actors who draw all the humor (and then some) from their roles. At one point he hides behind a clothesline and, eyes popping, learns that Beatrice loves him rather than hating him. And she steals the show when, quite unexpected, she bursts into song with a glorious voice worthy of the Metropolitan Opera. It’s a light and engaging interpretation.”
Maggie Crum, Contra Costa Times

Much Ado About Nothing - Marin Shakespeare Company 1995 - Ken Grantham and Kimberly King “King is a sharp, wise-cracking Beatrice, aiming her barbs at Benedick with Groucho Marx-like timing that makes almost every quip count. She’s so poised in her self-assurance that her confusion becomes that much funnier, as when she’s bowled over by Don Pedro’s out-of-the-blue proposal. She’s so determinedly merry that her sudden serious reaction to Hero’s betrayal cracks like a whip. Grantham is a thoughtful and complex Benedick, always ready with a quick comeback – except when overmatched by Beatrice – but touched by a sadness that tinges his humor with defensiveness. 
We can feel his attraction for Beatrice before he becomes aware of it, and revel in the conflicting emotions of the scene in which they finally confess their love.
Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Examiner

Much Ado celebrates love, laughter. Robert Currier has created some wickedly funny scenes.” Mary Connell, Novato Advance

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