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Richard III

The production, while not drawing our largest audiences ever, was by all accounts a great success. While we learned that it was a hard sell to get great numbers of people to attend the history plays, we also learned that we could, in fact, take on the challenge and accomplish it well.


From the Playbill – Director’s Notes: 

“The chance to collaborate with my old friend Jarion in this wonderful setting lured me into [Richard’s] lair again. I happily surrender to the web of Shakespeare’s nastiest, most challenging bad guy tale. 

We examined closely the possibility of resurrecting Colley Cibber’s 1700 popularization of the play and decided that although this overlooked dramaturge had solved many of the problems of too much history and too little action in parts of the play, the language was not up to Shakespeare and the secondary characters had all been reduced to helpless victims of the great psychopathic monster. 

As I see it, Richard III is a hard, blackly comic look at the patterns of the abuse of power, and it extends to the entire world Shakespeare depicted in the late fifteenth century.”

Jerion Monroe as Richard III and Michelle Pelletier as Lady Ann

Richard III - Marin Shakespeare 1995 Jarion Monroe and Michele Pelletier


Richard III - tower What the Critics Said:

 “The performances in Marin’s Richard III are its real strength, and they make the production worth a look. Jarion Monroe is a confident, grand-scale Richard, alternating mainly between coarse savagery and private sarcasm. There’s an extraordinary moment in the middle of the play, when Richard’s young nephews are mocking him, and one of the children jumps up on his hump. Richard looks helpless, and we’re suddenly cast back to the unimaginable torment of this misfit’s childhood….Kimberly King gives a performance of extraordinary clarity, energy and velocity….electrifying every scene she’s in….the brutish nature of 15th century politics is felt in all its suffocating horror.” Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

Jarion Monroe as King Richard III - Marin Shakespeare Company 1995

“The Marin Shakespeare Festival has reached a couple of important milestones in its quest to become one of the major players in the Bay Area bardic sweepstakes. It’s survived, for one thing, long enough to make it into its sixth season at Forest Meadows on the woodsy Dominican College campus.

It’s doubled in size….veteran Shakespearean Jarion Monroe is an apt choice for the title role….Grantham and Monroe have come up with enough creative twists to keep the title character fresh and generally engrossing. 

Monroe is a bright, self-mocking villain, winning us over – even as he horrifies us – not only with his conspiratorial asides but with the way he concocts his schemes on the fly.”
Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Examiner


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