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Peter Pan
Tiger Lily held captive by the pirates, Peter Pan, Marin Shakespeare Company 1996

What the Critics Said:

"Wasnak is fun to flight, bounding over and snaking under a stick, sulking when she can't get her shadow to stick. When she imitates Tinkerbell's electronic voice, she flashes another of her many gifts, as a mimic..Peering out from under his pirate's tricorn hat and wavy black curls, [Charles Queary] looks momentarily astonished that the audience members would boo his evil calculations. Then he eggs them on with a little kiss and fiendishly narrowed eyes. There's something deranged behind his ingratiating, sweet smile..

But when his wig came awry and Queary improvised a menacing ad-lib,you just had to love his unswervingly rotten Hook."
Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle

Wendy about to walk the plank





"The real surprise of the evening is Charles Queary's dastardly Captain Hook. Absolutely addicted to audience response, Queary played the audience like an ill-tuned lute and we hissed at him and booed him with as much pleasure as we clapped for the life of Tinkerbell..[Diane Wasnak] has an electrifying charm..Following the Marin Shakespeare Festival through the summer is one of the great pleasures for us theatre lovers."
Chrisanne Beckner, Commuter Times


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