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Robin Hood
in Sherwood Forest

What the Critics Said :

“Forget wicked Prince John – the real villain here is Don Nigro’s appalling script….Marvin Greene’s performance as the title character does brighten up the stage a bit….Jessa Brie Berkner is also remarkably interesting as Maid Marian….the songs…achieve a mysterious beauty enhanced by the sylvan setting of the Forest Meadows Amphitheatre.”
Patrick Sullivan, Pacific Sun


“Most of the reveling comes into the hands (in more ways than one) of Friar Tuck, played with charm and charisma by Patrick Flick, who is joined by Deborah Ben-Eliezer, a very convincing Lady Quigley….Though the heat between [Marvin Greene as Robin Hood and Jessa Brie Berkner as Maid Marian] is always a low flame, these two manage to maintain a Shakespearean balance with the lusty Friar Tuck and his captive Lady Quigley. The combination of classic chaste romance and drunken revelry is one of the most successful ways the play melds extremes and presents them as mirrors to one another….the play is full to the brim with well-written and well-acted material meant to both entertain and educate.” Chrisanne Beckner, Commuter Times





“A vigorous version of Robin Hood opens the season for the Marin Shakespeare Company….Cliff Mayotte…has done an incredible job of directing and staging this demanding play. The set and lighting design by Bruce Lackovic and costumes by K.C. Wallace add to the visual delight of the production.”
Bess Davoren, Tiburon Ark


Will Scarlet and Will Stutley




Robin Hood, Don Nigro’s wacky farce [is]….go-for-broke shtick….
The play quite shamelessly takes the low road. On its own terms, it succeeds beautifully. Happily, the performers are quite up to the formidable and demanding task – all 34 of them.”
Roberta Floden, Marin Independent Journal







“A friend took her kids to Dominican College to see an outdoor theatrical performance of the Robin Hood story, and much to her surprise discovered that this Marin County Robin Hood didn’t hunt the king’s deer. Robin and his merry men (make that merry persons) ate beans….Marin Robin and his mellow band only killed deer when the sheriff of Nothingham had wounded them. This makes Robin Hood sort of a 12th century Kevorkian committing assisted Bambicide, but never mind that….Robin talked about how deer cry real tears….At least no deer were injured in this production. However, plenty of hearty beans were washed down to their musical fate with flagons of Odwalla by a jaunty gang of outdoorsy progressives. Where are the People for the Ethical Treatment of Legumes when we need them?”
Rob Morse, San Francisco Examiner




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