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Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet

No one goes into production planning intending to put on a less than satisfying show. It’s a question of chemistry and inspiration. Even the most talented theatre artists dare, risk and fail.

Fortunately, there was enough to love in the production that it remained entertaining and moving: Phoebe Moyer as the Nurse toying with Mercutio and then Juliet as she arranges the marriage; Amanda Diaz as Juliet with her tortured pain as she clung to the rope ladder intended for her husband’s wedding night now tarnished by Romeo’s murder of Tybalt; David Berkson as Romeo hitting a crowbar against the metal gate to Juliet’s tomb before smashing it into Paris’ skull; Michael Berg as the Friar delivering the final monologue that re-describes the tragedy. It’s impossible not to love Shakespeare’s language and characters in Romeo and Juliet, his most romantic and passionate tragedy.
– Lesley Currier



Juliet and Nurse



From the Playbill:
“I would like to thank Dr. Rob Clare for his inspiration and insight. Dr. Clare came from Oxford University to spend a week at Marin Shakespeare Company teaching our Interns and working with the Romeo and Juliet cast on techniques for approaching Shakespeare’s text. While the Interns dubbed his approach ‘Shakespeare Boot Camp,’ we all benefited from the ideas he shared about using Shakespeare’s structure and poetry to open new avenues of interpretation. Dr. Clare challenged me as a director to allow the characters the complexity and contradictions found in life and captured so brilliantly by Shakespeare. I hope we have used some of these tools in animating this unforgettable story of ‘star-crossed lovers.’”

– Lesley Currier


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