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Twelfth Night



Lucas McClure turned in his best Marin Shakespeare performance ever as Feste. He fully captured Feste's dark humor through his acting and his music, played live on the guitar. It was a stunning creation. He was supported by a stellar cast. Matt Henerson as Toby Belch, Marie Shell as Maria, and Tom Jermain as Aguecheek couldn't have been better. They all created complex characters with rich inner lives.


SirToby Malvolio





Rebecca Stow and Allyson Kulavis were a wonderful Viola and Olivia, both sweet and funny. Marin County Supervisor John Kress (then on our board of directors) turned in a very funny cameo performance as a guru-like, white cloth-clad priest.

We were very proud of the production, with its art deco-inspired sets and costumes and a director's concept that really worked, adding both depth and humor to Shakespeare's brilliant play.

-- Lesley Currier
Orsino and Viola



From the Playbill
"Shakespeare's Illyria is a fantastical land where extraordinary things can and do happen, not a war-torn battlefield. No one seems bent on toil or industry. The characters eat, drink, carouse, make music and love, and find elaborate ways to enjoy themselves. Not unlike Marin!

Lovley Olivia

Yet in all this lyrical merriment, Feste's tunes are a thread reminding us of the constant of death. I started thinking...what if the war had been over for some time; the younger lovers missed it completely.

It's 1927 and they are immersed in the pleasures of the Roaring Twenties with its jazz music and frenzied pursuit of good times. Sir Toby Belch could have been an officer who witnessed and perhaps even ordered the carnage. A decade of dissipated alcoholism seems an appropriate response.

But Maria remembers and adores Toby from better, pre-war days. Is Toby too damaged to revive their youthful ardor? Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Toby's pathetic sidekick helps underwrite his excesses but perhaps they were in the same regiment, the same band of brothers. Orsino and Olivia have inherited a light world; through Feste and Toby we glimpse the past and future darkness."
- Robert Currier
unhappy Malvolio








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