The Spanish Tragedy and Shakespeare

The Spanish Tragedy Shakespeare Quiz by Mary Ann Koory

The audience at Marin Shakespeare tends to know Shakespeare pretty well. But how well did Shakespeare know Kyd?

Shakespeare saw The Spanish Tragedy on stage when he arrived in London as a young actor and playwright, and he learned much from Kyd’s work. Take this quiz to see if you can match key moments in Thomas Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy to the Shakespeare play that makes use of it (direct allusions or adaptation).

In order to claim your prize, you’ll need to give us your name and email address when you log in. That way, the quizmistress can send you your prize code.  But you don’t have to log in to take the quiz for fun.

We think the quiz is difficult, so you may get a passing grade even if you’re stumped pretty often. Give it your best shot: If you pass this quiz, you are more knowledgeable about Shakespeare than most, and we want to reward you.

Your score will be sent to us via email, and if you pass, we’ll be happy to send you a code word that will get you a free seat cushion rental every time you attend a show this season.

We’ll post the top winners at the end of the season.

The Spanish Tragedy Shakespeare Quiz

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