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Fantasy Forests Dark and Light – As You Like It

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Before we spend time in the green and pleasant place that is the Forest of Arden in As You Like It, I – like Jaques, perversely insisting on the bitter in the midst of sweet – would like to make a case for the literary forest as a study in chiaroscuro, a place where shade contrasts…

“As you like it” – Of Horn-Beasts And Other Guests

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Touchstone: “For here we have no temple but the wood, no assembly but horn-beasts.” (3.3.40-41) On Tuesday, June 10, the Marin Shakespeare Company held the first rehearsal for its 25th Anniversary production of As You Like It. All the rehearsals, I’m learning, have a kind of magic to them, but I especially like the first.…

An Ideal Husband [by Dramaturg Cathleen Sheehan]

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Cathleen Sheehan is a writer, lecturer and teacher who teaches Shakespeare and Advanced Shakespeare (among other courses) at the Urban School in San Francisco. She has served as a dramaturg for Marin Shakespeare for the past four years, and also as a dramaturg for California Shakespeare Theater.  She holds an AB and MA in English…