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“The Most Flags Possible”: Costuming THE TAMING

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Erin Merritt, Marin Shakespeare Company’s Director of Education and Artistic Engagement, interviewed THE TAMING Costume Designer Tammy Berlin. This is the 5th season at Marin Shakespeare Company for Tammy, and her favorite MSC project yet. Merritt interviewed her just after opening weekend. MERRITT: How did you come to costuming? BERLIN: I got my degree in…

An interview with Playwright Lauren Gunderson – On the Founding Fathers and Engaging our Constitutional Rights

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Erin Merritt, Marin Shakespeare Company’s Director of Education and Artistic Engagement interviews playwright Lauren Gunderson about The Taming. How did a play called The Taming come to include the Founding Fathers? With the super-success of Hamilton, the founding fathers are cool again, and we know you’ll love The Taming—which looks at today’s political structure via…

Meet the Founding Fathers of The Taming

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Meet George Washington Played by Tristan Cunningham People respect him, and he’s got a hell of a sense of humor, but he’s also a bit over all the details. Quote: “Daddy’s tired. Let’s wrap this up—I want to go to bed.” Meet James Madison Played by Katie Rubin Overshadowed by shiny performer Jefferson, Madison is…

Meet the Characters of The Taming

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Part I: the Modern Ladies Playwright Lauren Gunderson says: “All the characters in The Taming are me—in fact, they are all each of us. Humans are complex creatures, so I hope audience members will relate to different characters at different points in the show.” Meet Pat.
 She’s a go-getter who is used to the game…

Wait, we’re seeing WHAT this summer? Lauren Gunderson on THE TAMING

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Marin Shakespeare Company’s first show of the season—THE TAMING—sounds like it’s by Shakespeare, but get yourself ready, because you are about to see a wickedly funny play by local playwright Lauren Gunderson. Inspired by Shakespeare’s no-holds-barred battle of the sexes, Gunderson’s THE TAMING gives us instead a no-holds-barred battle for the soul of our nation.…

‘Make not your thoughts your prisons:’ Inmates find freedom in Shakespeare

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By Jason Kravarik, CNN Tue May 31, 2016 Vacaville, California (CNN)  Nineteen years ago, Joseph Jackson was a drug dealer unloading his gun into two people he thought had infringed on his turf. Today, the convicted killer sings and dances on stage in a white velvet coat. His fellow actors have similar stories: Christian…