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Pericles: Shakespeare’s First Romance

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By Cathleen Sheehan “They all have the same story–those last plays. A father throws away his daughter. And nothing will ever be right until he gets her back. They’re full of impossible coincidences. Miraculous statues. Pirates. Shipwrecks. Bears. Resurrections.” -Judith Shakespeare, “Equivocation” by Bill Cain In his play “Equivocation,” Bill Cain gives Shakespeare’s daughter a…

The Mystery of Anne Hathaway

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By Dramaturg Cathleen Sheehan If we know little about William Shakespeare’s personal life, we know less about Anne Hathaway, the woman he married. There are only a handful of facts: she was born in Shottery in 1556; she married William Shakespeare who was eight years her junior in 1583; she was pregnant when she married…