“The BOX”

Written, directed, and produced by Sarah Shourd
Forest Meadows Amphitheatre, September 2021

‘The BOX’ is a piece of transformational theater that asks us to re-examine long-held notions of punishment.

The pandemic has invited all of us into a space of deeper empathy and understanding of the harmful impacts of isolation and, by extension, prison. Playwright Sarah Shourd and her team—with support from the Art for Justice Fund, the Pulitzer Center, and individual donors—present this national, pop-up tour of The BOX, a play based on true stories of resistance to solitary confinement and written by Shourd, a survivor.

The tour is organized in partnership with local campaigns across the country, with the goal of elevating, supporting, and maximizing their impact. Through theater, traveling visual art, and artistic ritual, this performance will create a space for collective healing. Each performance is followed by a survivor-led healing circle focusing on imagining ways to address and repair harm in line with transformative justice.

FROM “The BOX” PRODUCER: All actors and crew have been fully-vaccinated against COVID-19. In response to the Delta-variant, we will require that audience members wear masks during the performance and we ask that you come to our show fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 as well. Proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test will be required at the door. You will be seated in an immersive grid in which each actor and audience member occupies their own 4’x6′ cell. Actors will be at least 6′ from any audience member before taking their masks off. This venue is outdoors. Food and drink is not permitted.