My name is Isabelle and I was one of Marin Shakespeare Company’s acting interns last summer. I truly cannot speak highly enough about this program. I graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Theatre Performance in May 2015 and started the internship with Marin Shakes in June. It was a perfect first out-of-college experience for me because I was able to have a transition period where I continued to learn, but was also able to network and add to my professional resume.

Because I had graduated, I was able to participate in all of the shows of last year’s season, which was fabulous because I had three different experiences. The other great thing about the internship is that you can build it around your schedule. I was there all summer, some of the other interns were involved in two shows or one, but all of the experiences were valuable. The first six weeks included both classes and rehearsals for the first production of the summer. The variety of classes was exciting because we got to explore all different sides of acting and the teachers are top-notch professionals. I also loved being able to work outside all summer – Forest Meadows Amphitheater is a really magical place.

I found that the more I put into the internship, the more I got out of it. Over the course of the summer, I worked on a total of five monologues and a scene. Again, the amount of pieces you work on is completely up to you, I’m a Shakespeare nut, so I tend to go a little crazy!

The absolute most valuable part of the experience for me, however, was meeting all of the people involved. Bob and Lesley put together groups of amazing actors, technicians, and educators. My group of interns was incredibly close-knit all summer and I’m still in touch with them. The group of interns creates a little family you can go to for advice and support long after the internship is over. Getting to know all of the professional actors was incredibly beneficial too. Everyone I worked with at Marin Shakes was so kind and so generous in their work and in their life. I was able to build relationships all summer that have led to more theatre work for me, as well as mentors who I continue to go to for advice.

This past summer at Marin Shakes shaped the path of my life. I’ve known for a number of years that I want to be a Shakespearean actor. The knowledge I gained at Marin Shakes has helped me to figure out exactly how I’m going to make that happen. I left college not knowing what I was going to be doing past my summer internship and I gained so much more than I ever could have hoped.

I highly recommend the intern program.