A young woman falls in love with Paris, France and begins an obsessive affair with the city. Years later, she brings her husband to Paris to show him The City of Lights.  But things take a terrible turn and Paris becomes jealous and obsessive…and the couple barely makes it out of the city alive!

Directed by Jennifer King.

Nina gets up on stage, and through movement-fused storytelling conveys the personal, political and social events that have transpired over the past 24 hours (or less) with striking insight and seemingly unlimited access.  Her performances are deeply moving, utterly inspiring and downright hilarious all at once.   

Mick Berry as Keith Moon explodes on stage with the turmoil and excitement of the wildest drummer in rock and roll, piercing Moon’s insane exterior to reveal the guts of the time bomb. “Berry’s performance—writer, actor, drummer—is a tour de force…a not to be missed show.” Culture Spot L.A.

In A ONE MAN SHOW Skyler Cooper charts his course of transformation from a Baptist minister’s daughter afraid to tell her parents she like girls, didn’t believe in God, and desperately wished to become a man, through the death of his mother that serves as the unexpected catalyst that sets Skyler on his path toward whom he’s always been.

September 7: Anthony Jefferson – “The Bumpy Road Less Traveled”

A one-person theatre performance by actor and playwright Anthony Michael Jefferson (“AJ”). The powerful performance is drawn from AJ’s experiences over the 23 years he was incarcerated in Soledad State Prison (officially known as “Correctional Training Facility”) – and the road he traveled to and from that prison cell.