Shakespeare for Social Justice programs conclude their cycles with a culminating performance. Outside guests are a vital part of this experience! These extraordinary events demonstrate the power of the arts to heal and give insight into our criminal justice system. Your presence builds community, demonstrates to participants the worthiness and value of their hard work, and reaffirms our shared humanity.


Workshops at San Quentin are an extraordinary opportunity to experience a Shakespeare class in prison. These participatory Workshops allow you to meet and learn with men from the Shakespeare groups. Workshops are typically one Sunday morning per month. All participants must apply in advance to attend so that you can obtain clearance from San Quentin. Upcoming Workshops open to the public are June 30, July 28, and September 29. For more information, contact Alejandra Wahl at

2024 performances will be announced as they are scheduled. Watch this space for future announcements!


Prisons have strict deadlines; information must be submitted according to the deadlines.  Guests must pass institutional security clearance in order to attend. Your application does not guarantee clearance.

There is a large amount of interest in attending performances at San Quentin and limited availability. Not everyone who signs up will be able to be included.

Dates and times subject to change. Prisons are subject to lockdowns and sudden closures. We always do our best to reschedule promptly.


To sign up to attend, please email ALL the required information to Alejandra Wahl at

Required information:
– Your Full Legal Name
– Social Security Number
– Date of Birth
– Driver License Number and State of Issue*
– If you do not have a Driver License, instead please send a scan of your Passport.
– Emergency Contact Name and Phone

* A State ID or Passport (US and/or International) is also acceptable. Passport holders MUST also send a clear, legible scan or photo of your passport.

We acknowledge that sending sensitive information for clearance is a security concern. We encourage you to spell some of the numbers of your SSN for added safety.  (For example, Won-3-5 To-9 Six-3-ATE-one.) We do our utmost to protect your information and are always striving for additional security.

You may send your information in any encrypted format you prefer. Some good options:

  • A password protected PDF
  • A password protected and encrypted Excel sheet.
  • An encrypted Gmail e-mail