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The Story of CYMBELINE

When the play begins, Britain is a sad kingdom. King Cymbeline owes tribute to Rome, which has not been paid. His only daughter Imogen has secretly married a poor gentleman named Posthumus, an orphan raised by the King, which incenses the new Queen, who wishes Imogen to marry her son Cloten (so Cloten will inherit the kingdom). Twenty years ago the King’s only sons were stolen from their nursery and never seen again. Posthumus, banished from Britain, says a sad farewell to Imogen, who gives him a diamond ring while he gives her a bracelet. Cymbeline scolds his daughter. We meet Cloten and see why Imogen won’t marry him. Posthumus’s loyal servant Pisanio describes Posthumus’ sad departure to Italy. In Italy, Posthumus quarrels over whether Imogen is the most excellent and loyal of all women. An Italian, Iachimo, wagers he can seduce Imogen, and Posthumus bets his diamond ring. Back in Britain, the Queen buys a drug from Doctor Cornelius which she thinks is poison, but which Cornelius confides to us will merely “stupify the senses” but not kill. The Queen gives the potion to Pisanio to give to Imogen, telling him it is a healing medicine (if she can kill Imogen her son Cloten will be heir). When Iachimo arrives from Italy with news of Posthumus, Imogen welcomes him kindly. Iachimo – at first tongue-tied in Imogen’s presence – claims he pities her, saying Posthumus has been untrue, and urges her to revenge by taking pleasure with him. Imogen immediately calls Pisanio to take away Iachimo, who claims he was only testing her loyalty. She forgives him and agrees to keep his trunk of riches safe in her bedchamber that night.

That night, when Imogen falls asleep, Iachimo climbs out of the trunk, notes details of Imogen’s bedchamber and body, and steals her bracelet. Cloten, trying to woo Imogen, arranges a serenade. Caius Lucius arrives from Rome to demand the overdue tribute. Imogen tells Cloten that Posthumus’ least garment is dearer to her than him; while searching for her missing bracelet. Back in Italy, Iachimo convinces Posthumus he has been intimate with Imogen, claiming the diamond ring when he presents Imogen’s bracelet and describes a mole on her breast. Posthumus is distraught.

In Britain, Lucius reminds Cymbeline that the tribute won by Julius Caesar when he conquered Britain has not been paid. When Cloten and the Queen defy him, he threatens war, asking only for safe conduct to the port at Milford Haven. Pisanio receives a letter from Posthumus instructing him to lure Imogen away from the palace and murder her; the letter says Posthumus will meet her at Milford Haven.

Away in the country, Belarius and two youths emerge from their mountain cave to greet the day. The youths lament that they have had no chance to prove themselves at court or in war. Belarius recounts how Cymbeline was tricked into believing Belarius committed treason, and praises mountain life. He then confides to us that the youths are the two princes, whom he stole when Cymbeline unjustly banished him. Near Milford Haven, Pisanio shows Imogen Posthumus’ letter, but refuses to kill her, instead giving her men’s clothing and encouraging her to travel in disguise; he also gives her the Queen’s medicine. Cymbeline, preparing for war, wants to find Imogen. Cloten beats Pisanio, who tells him Imogen has fled towards Milford Haven. Cloten decides to dress in Posthumus’ clothes and go find Imogen. Dressed as a boy, tired and hungry, Imogen finds Belarius’ cave and the mountaineers welcome Imogen, who calls herself Fidele.

Cloten imagines having Imogen at his mercy. The mountaineers go off to hunt, leaving Imogen behind. Feeling sick, she takes the drug Pisanio gave her. Cloten meets the mountaineers and fights with the elder youth, who chops off his head. When the men find Imogen, seemingly dead, they lay her next to the headless body, and prepare a funeral. Imogen, awakening, sees the body wearing Posthumus’ clothes and believes her husband is dead. When Lucius finds her, he asks the “boy” to join the Roman army. Cymbeline leaves for war, which Belarius wants to avoid, but the youths insist on fighting.

A despairing Posthumus decides to fight for the Britons. Cymbeline is captured by the Romans, but saved by Posthumus and the mountain youths, who win the battle for Britain. Posthumus then decides to put Italian clothes on (probably the most confusing plot point!), and is imprisoned by the Britons. As he sleeps, he sees a wondrous vision. The Italian captives are brought to Cymbeline, who declares they will all be put to death. He hopes to find the soldier who helped save him. Cornelius tells the King the Queen is dead. Eventually, secrets are revealed, many are reunited, and peace is praised.

Meet the Casts of the 2015 Season


Cymbeline – Paul Abbott
Queen/Goddess – Lee Fitzpatrick
Imogen – Stella Heath
Posthumus/Cloten – Tommy Gorrebeeck
Iachimo – Davern Wright
Cornelius – Debi Durst
Lucius – Glenn Havlan
Pisanio – Jed Parsario
First Gentleman – Timothy Huls
Second Gentleman – Rory Keane
Belarius – Rod Gnapp
Guiderius – Zack Purdy
Arviragus – Patrick St. John
Violinist & Ensemble – Gabriela Schneider
Ensemble – Carolyn Doyle, Isabelle Grimm, Annika Gullahorn, Zena Hinds, Rebecca Mellinger, Xander Ritchey, Rafael Sebastian


Don Quixote – Ron Campbell
Sancho Panza – John R. Lewis
Cassidy Brown
Rick Eldridge
Lee Fitzpatrick
Monica Ho
Jed Parsario


Richard – Aidan O’Reilly
Buckingham – Michael Ray Wisely
Elizabeth – Elena Wright
Margaret – Phoebe Moyer
Anne – Livia Demarchi
Edward/Tyrrel – Michael Schaeffer
Clarence/Archbishop – Nick Sholley
Hastings/Lord Mayor – Steve Price
Catesby – Davern Wright
Rivers/Stanley – David Schiller
Grey/Richmond – Jackson Currier
Brackenbury/Bishop of Ely – Christopher Hammond
1st Murderer – Timothy Huls
2nd Murderer – Michael Abts
Prince Edward – Carl Robinett
Duke of York – Patrick Ewart
Ensemble – Carolyn Doyle, Isabelle Grimm, Deborah Lagin, Xander Ritchey, Rafael Sebastian, Wendy Wyatt-Mair

Costume Designer, Cymbeline – Tammy Berlin
Costume Designer, Don Quixote – Maria Chenut
Costume Designer, Richard III – Abra Berman
Director, Cymbeline and Richard III – Robert Currier
Director, Don Quixote – Lesley Currier
Dramaturg, Cymbeline – Mary Ann Koory
Dramaturg Assistant, Cymbeline – Gabriela Schneider
Dramaturg, Richard III – Cathleen Sheehan
Fight Director, Richard Pallaziol
Lighting Consultants – Steve Wilson & Dan Spears
Mask Designer, Don Quixote – David Pozanter
Prop Designer – Joel Eis
Set Designer – Jackson Currier
Sound Designer, Cymbeline and Don Quixote – Billie Cox
Sound Designer, Richard III – Clint Bajakian
Stage Manager – Gillian Confair
Assistant Stage Manager – Kelly Kassir

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