The Kaleidoscope Series offers a new platform for exploring and interrogating Shakespeare.  Led by scholar/artists Nick Musleh, Aejay Mitchell, and Philippa Kelly, Kaleidoscope will build a “dramaturgy university” accessible to everyone, be it an artist hired by the organization or a patron looking for a way into our work. 

Kaleidoscope will have three areas of focus:


Workshops in which members of the community can join us in a continual journey of discovery. How, as a dramaturg, do you approach a play and a production process? What interests and skills are involved in dramaturgy? How do dramaturgs use inquiry, analysis, and artistry to contribute to a production? How might dramaturgical practice provide pathways toward shattering artificial boundaries that seek to divide? 


Pre-show talks with three pillars of multidimensional engagement: 1) how and where the play illuminates the world in which it was written; 2) the unique points of focus for particular productions; and 3) the intersectional lens that a speaker brings to the show via their lived experience of gender, religion, race, ideology, and/or profession. 


A fully realized dramaturgical program for all of Marin Shakes’ productions that creates a space for dramaturgical mentorship:  expert researchers facilitating student dramaturgs, collaborating to develop a new vision of how we talk about Shakespeare NOW.