Meet George Washington

Played by Tristan Cunningham

People respect him, and he’s got a hell of a sense of humor, but he’s also a bit over all the details.

Quote: “Daddy’s tired. Let’s wrap this up—I want to go to bed.”


Meet James Madison

Played by Katie Rubin

Overshadowed by shiny performer Jefferson, Madison is the dork of the American Revolution. Into Greek political theory and governance history, if you ask him for a suggestion, he just might write a whole constitution.

Quote: “Can’t we all just get along?”

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Meet Charles Cotesworth Pinkney

Played by Monica Ho

Pinkney is the epitome of the white South, the colonial version of a dickswinging UGA fratboy guy. He’s going to dance with what brought him, and get away with whatever he can.

Quote: “I bought them, I can break them.”

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And watch out for Martha Washington and Dolley Madison

Played by Tristan Cunningham, and Tristan Cunningham.

“We have nothing to say because we only represent the tropes of womanhood, buzzkill and ditz.”