Preliminary Design Forest Meadows Amphitheatre

Our Dream

Forest Meadows is the heart and soul of Marin Shakespeare, the place where we learn and discover the power and inspiration of Shakespeare, which inspires all we do in our community and beyond. Our dream is to create a permanent theatrical infrastructure for the beloved 50-year old Forest Meadows Amphitheatre, improving audience comfort and access, while preserving the theatre’s rustic charm.

Preliminary Designs for the Forest Meadows Amphitheatre renovation have been created by architect Kurt Schindler of ELS Architects.

Key improvements include:

• New and Improved Acoustics
• Improved Accessibility
• Permanent Infrastructure
• New Entry Building

• Actor Enhancements

What You’ll Experience:

Audience will enter the renovated Amphitheatre through a new entry building built into the existing curved wooden wall.  Outside the wall, patrons will be able to purchase tickets.

View of entry building from the bridge.

View of entry building from Belle Avenue.






Inside the wall, the entry building will open onto a Patio where patrons may purchase drinks, snacks, and Shakespeare gifts.  You won’t need to leave the Amphitheatre at intermission to get a cup of coffee!

Improved acoustics will allow you to hear Shakespeare’s glorious words much more easily. We’ll also be able to improve the picnic area with better lighting and amenities for you to enjoy your al fresco dining.

Accessibility will be easier with paved walkways, handrails, and access to allow wheelchairs to sit in the front row of seats.  The pathway from the parking lot, through the Amphitheatre, and to the restrooms will be paved – no more rolling wheelchairs over earth and gravel.

There will be underground cabling for theatrical lighting, permanent infrastructure our theatre technicians will welcome.

Backstage, there will be actual dressing rooms for our actors, a small storage shed for supplies, and a permanent staircase to the backstage area.

Additional improvements:
• Dust elimination in the seating area
• Safety railing down both aisles
• Additional storage areas

We are planning to keep the historic redwood benches, and are committed to maintaining the Amphitheatre’s rustic charm and protecting the riparian environment.

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To find out more, or sign up for updates about these projects and our progress, please email or phone Lesley Currier at 415-499-4485.