Audition Information Marin Shakespeare Company 

Actor Submissions

Submissions are through a two-step process.  First, join this casting data base by creating Your Profile with headshot/resume here   Second, fill out Marin Shakespeare Company’s Audition Form with video submission here

For your submission, please prepare a video of no more than 5 minutes. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you’d like us to know about your background, and/or special skills. Include a Shakespeare and a contemporary monologue.  Singers and musicans are also welcome to include a song of yyour choice.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not judging you based on the quality of the video you submit.  Videos created on your phone or by zoom recording are great — please do not stress about production values; we care about you, not your video producing skills.

Contracts & Stipends:
Marin Shakespeare Company operates under an AEA Letter of Agreement contract; we hire a minimum of 4 AEA actors per production; the salary will be approximately $540/week. We cast the remainder of the company from non-AEA actors; non-AEA actors will be paid $15/hour and may gain EMC (Equity Membership Candidacy) points.

Design, Production and Front-of-House Positions:
To apply for a design, production or front-of-house position, please send your resume and brief cover letter to: We no longer accept applications by mail. We are looking for AEA Stage Managers, Props Designer, Scenic Artists, carpenters, costume designers, house managers, and various other positions.

Marin Shakespeare Company
P.O. Box 4053
San Rafael, CA 94913