Part I: the Modern Ladies

Playwright Lauren Gunderson says: “All the characters in The Taming are me—in fact, they are all each of us. Humans are complex creatures, so I hope audience members will relate to different characters at different points in the show.”

Meet Pat.

_G7A3432 - Katie**

She’s a go-getter who is used to the game of politics—pragmatism over passion for her. Rigor and rule-following have gotten her where she is. Never mind the rotten boss—she’s gonna get her bill passed!

Party: GOP all the W.A.Y.

Occupation: Senator’s Aide

Talent: Getting sh!t done

Quote: “Nothing makes me yell like Liberals.”


Meet Bianca. 

_G7A3332 - Monica**

Passionate but undisciplined, this righteous idealist says it’s her way or the

highway. But will breaking all the rules really save the Panda Shrews?

Party: Democratic, of course. Sheesh!

Occupation: “Tru-sader”—current projects include saving the Panda Shrew

and taking down corrupt Republicans

Talent: Maximizing retweets

Quote: “Uh. I have Twitter feeds, and hashtags,


Meet Katherine

_G7A3291 - Tristan

This non-partisan patriot’s talent act is constitutional reform: taming inflammatory rhetoric and uniting Red State and Blue in order to form the most perfect Union of all.

Party: No Party Preference—WWMD (What Would Madison Do?)

Occupation: Beauty Queen, currently Miss Georgia

Talent: Bringing people together to make this beautiful country a better place, Thankyouverymuch!

Quote: “Don’t put me in a box—I can be a little conservative and a little liberal. Sure, I’m a beauty queen, but I’m also a secret genius; in fact, I’m a full-on sparkly unicorn beast of optimism.”